My hero, Frank Zappa
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My baby - The La Pavoni Coffee Machine
(A cross-sectional portrait)


Yes, my web page is kinda empty isn't it? This is one project that is slowly going nowhere. Too many other web pages to look after and not enough interest in promoting myself would be the problem. I just have other things to do that I enjoy more, like drinking coffee and listening Frank Zappa's extraordinary music.

Some dodgy stuff that I like. Click the pic to download the file.

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Occam's Razor - a guitar treat
The full version of On The Bus from the Joe's Garage set.

(9 megabyte WMA file)

Inca Roads - a jazz and general silliness treat.

(8 megabyte WMA file)

Bathtub Man - A blues treat.

(6 megabyte WMA file)

Blessed Relief - A Jazz treat
To me, this is a real Zappa gem, and fairly easy to "get into" unlike some of his work.

(8 megabyte WMA file)

Nude art - A gallery of high quality images.
That is - art, not porn - though the line is a fine one.

(100 JPG files from 40 KB to 1.5 MB in size)

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